Sunday, September 22, 2013

So I Ran a 10K...

Four years ago when I lost my weight, I wanted to run a 5K. There were many opportunities to run them in the States, but I had never trained for one and was not a runner at all by nature. Fast forward to here in Germany where most of my friends like the outdoors (meh) and run races all the time. I decided back in May that I wanted to do the Basel 10K in September. I started training with Katrina and Rachel when I got back from the States in July. There were many days of complaining, wanting to give up, ankles hurting, knees popping, feet killing, and plenty of times I wondered if I would just not do it at all.

But I did it! I ran the whole 10K in an hour and 22 minutes!

And these were the thoughts I was thinking as I ran...

"...there's the road that leads to Diana's and Kelly's church. Maybe I'll just run off and head there instead of running..."
"...the Rhein! I'm running next to the Rhein!"
"...there's the tram stop I went to when I lived in Weil. I should just hop on it..."
"...5K! I'm at the 5K point!..."
"...I need to get to 8K and then I'll let myself walk..8K..8K..8K..."
" friends came to see me! I'm going to finish this thing!"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last Night I Partied Like it Was 1999!

BFA's annual Fall Party was last night and the theme this year was all about decades. I dressed up in 1999 style and it was hilarious to go and look up how to do 90s make up. I wish I'd kept all the "fun" clothes I had in high school. As a class sponsor, I was put in charge of the karaoke station and all the kids that sang did '90s songs which made it even more fun. I was also chosen to get pied by the winners of the costume contest. YUCK. All in all it was a great night and I of course enjoyed being with my friends and my kiddos!

Nsync Fan 1999 "I <3 Lance!" "I <3 Justin!" "I <3 JC!"

Me & Justina representing the best 2 decades in the world

Ellie was a glamorous flapper

Dani rocked the 40s look!

Getting pied by Jordan!

We think getting pied was EW!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Being in The New

We're in our second week of school - in fact, we're nearly finished with it - and I'm just now sitting down to let you know all about life over here as of late.

I have 50 in Choir. 50. I still can't believe it sometimes. I look out at all 50 of them in the morning and can't believe it's this big! This time last year I had 24 and it's literally doubled in size within a year!

Casting the play last week was one of the hardest parts of my job. 53 kids came out to audition and I could only cast 23 of them. UGH! My heart was breaking for those that didn't make it and now next week I have solo auditions for Choir.....I'm kind of thinking with 50 kids, I'm going to have a few soloists come out...........

And then there's my friends, many of whom are leaving at the end of the school year. Trying to process that right now has been difficult. I know that it's still the beginning of semester, but I also know just how fast time flies here.

I would write more but need to go and prep for Acting class. Just wanted everyone to know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth :)

PS I'm going to be sending out another newsletter soon...if you want to be added to my list, please email me at: so I can put you on the email!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

...and so it begins!

Tomorrow is New Student & Parent Orientation. Summer is officially over. And then Tuesday, the new school year begins. I'm excited about this year and the students who I'll get to teach and who will impact me maybe more than I think I'll impact them.

This is the last picture I took at BFA last year. It's my Choir kiddos singing at Grad. On Tuesday I will greet 45 of them (until add/drop and then who knows!), some old and some new. Sometimes I still can't believe I get to do what I do.