Last Night I Partied Like it Was 1999!

BFA's annual Fall Party was last night and the theme this year was all about decades. I dressed up in 1999 style and it was hilarious to go and look up how to do 90s make up. I wish I'd kept all the "fun" clothes I had in high school. As a class sponsor, I was put in charge of the karaoke station and all the kids that sang did '90s songs which made it even more fun. I was also chosen to get pied by the winners of the costume contest. YUCK. All in all it was a great night and I of course enjoyed being with my friends and my kiddos!

Nsync Fan 1999 "I <3 Lance!" "I <3 Justin!" "I <3 JC!"

Me & Justina representing the best 2 decades in the world

Ellie was a glamorous flapper

Dani rocked the 40s look!

Getting pied by Jordan!

We think getting pied was EW!


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