Saturday, August 30, 2014

Scenes from a Walk

A few pics I took last week while walking the path from Kandern to Hammerstein...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Pigeons Again

If you've followed my blog long enough, you know that God often uses pigeons to remind me of how he takes care of us. I don't know why he uses pigeons and not a prettier bird. I'd much rather write about flamingos or ibis birds but no, he's decided to use pigeons.

Yesterday, I was walking to school and passed by these pigeons in the little creek that runs through Kandern. I didn't have much time to observe them, but earlier that morning I had been worrying about little things here and there. In fact, they were so little that I can't even remember what I was worrying about anymore. But then I came across these pigeons and it was then that my Father reminded me how they know exactly where to go to get food and water.

Pigeons. Nasty, dirty, rats of the sky pigeons. And God takes care of them. So obviously, he's going to take care of me, one of his chosen and his beloved.

Seriously, though, couldn't he use a prettier bird?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Back Across the Pond

The other day I walked out of my bedroom dressed and ready for the All Staff Conference.

"You know it's 59 degrees outside," said my roommate Christine, observing the white sundress I'd worn all summer in Florida.

"Oh. So I guess I'll be changing." I turned around and went back into my bedroom, beginning to wonder if I should go ahead and get out my box of winter clothes.

Welcome back to Germany. Summer is slowly fading into Fall and even though the days can get a little warm (and by warm I mean maybe 75ish), I'm pretty sure the sweaters and the leggings and the boots are about to make an appearance.

Being back has been a little bittersweet to be honest. I miss John and although we do a good job of texting and FaceTime and phone calls, there's nothing like being with your significant other in person.

But school starts in less than 2 weeks now so very soon I'll have plenty to occupy my mind.

So lots of changes taking place and lots more to come. But I thought I'd update and fill you in on life so far back in Deutschland....