So I Ran a 10K...

Four years ago when I lost my weight, I wanted to run a 5K. There were many opportunities to run them in the States, but I had never trained for one and was not a runner at all by nature. Fast forward to here in Germany where most of my friends like the outdoors (meh) and run races all the time. I decided back in May that I wanted to do the Basel 10K in September. I started training with Katrina and Rachel when I got back from the States in July. There were many days of complaining, wanting to give up, ankles hurting, knees popping, feet killing, and plenty of times I wondered if I would just not do it at all.

But I did it! I ran the whole 10K in an hour and 22 minutes!

And these were the thoughts I was thinking as I ran...

"...there's the road that leads to Diana's and Kelly's church. Maybe I'll just run off and head there instead of running..."
"...the Rhein! I'm running next to the Rhein!"
"...there's the tram stop I went to when I lived in Weil. I should just hop on it..."
"...5K! I'm at the 5K point!..."
"...I need to get to 8K and then I'll let myself walk..8K..8K..8K..."
" friends came to see me! I'm going to finish this thing!"


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