Being in The New

We're in our second week of school - in fact, we're nearly finished with it - and I'm just now sitting down to let you know all about life over here as of late.

I have 50 in Choir. 50. I still can't believe it sometimes. I look out at all 50 of them in the morning and can't believe it's this big! This time last year I had 24 and it's literally doubled in size within a year!

Casting the play last week was one of the hardest parts of my job. 53 kids came out to audition and I could only cast 23 of them. UGH! My heart was breaking for those that didn't make it and now next week I have solo auditions for Choir.....I'm kind of thinking with 50 kids, I'm going to have a few soloists come out...........

And then there's my friends, many of whom are leaving at the end of the school year. Trying to process that right now has been difficult. I know that it's still the beginning of semester, but I also know just how fast time flies here.

I would write more but need to go and prep for Acting class. Just wanted everyone to know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth :)

PS I'm going to be sending out another newsletter soon...if you want to be added to my list, please email me at: so I can put you on the email!


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