Almost a Year

The school year ends next week and I've done a lot of reflecting on the last school year here at USchool. I fought so hard to stay at Oakleaf and be with those kids who were so special to me. I fought to be their theatre teacher, to build a department, to continue building a Thespian troupe. When it was stripped from me, I was broken once more. I had lost students yet again.

Or so I thought.

This year has been hard but it's been good at the same time. I've been able to utilize a stage that I could have only dreamed about before. I gained a whole new group of Jr. Thespians. We went on to take a One Act to State, score a myriad of Superiors, and bond like a family.

I miss those kids at Oakleaf and they'll always hold a special place in my heart. But I'm so thankful for what happened, even if I wouldn't have chosen to leave on my own.

After almost a year I'm in my own place, Ft. Lauderdale is starting to feel more like home, and I'm getting into a routine. I have "my" grocery store, "my" gym, "my" places that make it more like a city I'm familiar with.

When your rug gets snatched from under you, there's a reason. I promise. You may not see it at first but give it time and watch and see how you flourish.


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