That is just one word to describe the weekend. My kids went into this competition wanting to take our One Act to State competition. I went into it praying we'd at least get a Superior for all of the work put into it.

We were sitting together on Saturday night at the Best in Show Ceremony. They were flashing who got All Star Cast, Excellents, and Superiors. I was looking down at my phone when they flashed State Selected One Acts. I glanced up and saw Fire Exit (actually they had spelled it THE Fire Exit but whatever) and did a double-take.

I looked over at my kids who were screaming and jumping up and down and I started to cry. For many reasons.

I cried because obviously this was a good thing. A very good thing. Something that I had only hoped would happen inside. And it had happened. And we're going to State.

I cried because the last four months have been hard. I've missed my kids at OHS. I've missed my kids in Kandern. I've missed living close to family. I've missed my friends. I've missed familiarity. And I hate transition. And let's face it - I've been transitioning since I came back to the States 2 years ago because it seems every six months, something else happens.

But this weekend was confirmation that it was all worth it.

I still miss those things and those people. But there's a new peace inside that has given me hope to know that this is where I was supposed to end up. All of the tears, all of the "why God why's" and let's not forget all of those moves, were worth it.

I know there's still a lot of hardship ahead because this is life and life isn't supposed to be easy or fair.

But in that moment on Saturday night, the joy that filled my heart was something I haven't felt in a long time.


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