I Miss Home

I miss fall.
I miss pumpkin festivals.
I miss students stopping by my house for coffee.
I miss walking to my friends houses.
I miss long walks in the fields behind the school.

I've been thinking a lot about Kandern today. I saw Ashleigh's blog post and knew I had to finish this one. And last night, Hannah Jane posted a beautiful piece of art work that reminded me I'm just in the middle of transition once again.

I know things are different in Kandern now. Students have graduated. Kids who were in middle school when I started are about to finish their last year. And I often feel that I'm forgotten now. I've done so much since I left in just a year and so months. I've had 3 different jobs and I've moved 3 times.

So many things changed. 

I am blessed by Hannah Jane. I am blessed by Ashleigh. I am blessed by Ellie. By Lizzie. By Megan. By Carl. By Joey. By Abby. By Anna. By Anna Summer. By Audrey. By Emmalee. By countless other students who changed my heart for the better in the time I got to be their teacher. 

But I miss home. 


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