It's Been a Year and Four Months

...since I left Kandern. And I think about those kids all the time. If you're following me on Facebook, you know that I am enjoying my job and have found a whole new brood of students to call "my kiddos." But those loved ones at BFA are always on my heart and mind.

It's a different world I teach in now. Just yesterday a student left my classroom excited to tell me that her doctor wasn't going to let her carry her baby full term and she would be delivering soon. I smiled and told her I would come visit her in the hospital if time allowed. When she left, I stared at the door and started to think about my kids at BFA and how their issues were totally opposite of the ones I hear of now. I've thought about Abby and Phoebe and Hudson - the students who would be my new stars now in shows. I've thought about Liz and Abby and how when I would finish a long rehearsal on a Monday night going to their house to watch "Amazing Race" with their family. Of course I've thought of my mentor, Jen, and having spiced tea on her couch while the world passed us by outside. And the Martin family, who always "adopted" more kids and made their kitchen a safe haven for those of us who just needed to vent.

I've thought about my little green house I shared with Justina and then Christine. I've thought about the lazy Saturdays spent watching movies or endless television shows with them. I've thought about the walks to and from the grocery store and running into students or colleagues while I had on no make-up and had literally just rolled out of bed and needed to get to the store to stock up before it closed.

I've thought about Tuesday nights my first year and watching episodes of "The Bachelor" with so many people who, like me, aren't even there anymore. I've thought about road trips to Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and eastern Germany. Planning trips to countries I'd only dreamed of seeing but were then so much a part of my reality.

BFA will always be where a big part of my heart lies. I am content now, here, in Jacksonville. But so many days I wake up and wonder what's going on over there. Recent pictures make my heart smile but also I twinge a bit with jealousy because I'm not there and my life is on a completely different path now than it was in Germany.

I'm excited for everything that is happening in the future here. I do love what I do and the students I teach. But that little town nestled in the Black Forest holds so many precious people and memories that it will be hard to ever replace it.


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