New Years Post...a few weeks late

Normally, I post a New Years blog a day or so after or before the New Year. It seems like everything else took a backseat (i.e. I just took my Christmas Tree down today) because the day after Christmas, I went to Kandern for a week and when I got back, jet lag and school took over my life.

How should I describe 2015? So many words come to mind. I think of the anticipation of last year starting and what I was expecting. I think of the disappointment, the heartbreak, the sadness, of what really came to be only six weeks after returning to the States. I think of the redemption and the freedom that came a few months after all of that happened. I made new friends, I became more confident in who I was as a person, and I still got to teach what I'm passionate about.

This year had more lows than highs, but looking back, the lows were overshadowed by the sweet friendships made during that time.

I love where I live now. It's a brand new apartment in a great part of Jacksonville. I can walk to the grocery store, which I love because it reminds me of living in Europe.

I miss Europe. I miss it a lot. I don't know if I'll ever get to live there again. But it holds my heart in a way nothing else does. But I know that God gives us what we need when we need it and I needed to grow up over there to flourish over here. That's kind of my thinking, anyway.

2016 I hope is a year of more growth, of more depth and understanding of my journey, and a continual realization of who I am becoming as I walk in it.

Life is nothing that I expected a year ago and I say that a lot but only because it's true. But life is never what we expect, is it?


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