The Book I Never Read

“It turns out that playing it safe, at least in matters of the heart, is the most dangerous thing you can do. By that route, you become a butterfly pinned to the wall, with wonderful colors and all kinds of potential but going nowhere. Your wings are clipped. To really fly you must claim the courage to live out of your real self, the one God called into being.” - Paula Rinehart, Strong Women, Soft Hearts

So the above quote comes from a book that I've had on my bookshelf for two years now. Notice I didn't say I read it. It was a gift from my mother right before I left for Germany and it's one of many that I've been "meaning to get to." But when I moved to Kandern I was also taking two seminary courses and acclimating to life at BFA and the books that I meant to get to became decoration for my bookshelf. 

Two weeks ago, I had to clean off the bookshelf so that my friend Dani could buy it for her new baby girl. After sorting through the books, I came across Strong Women, Soft Hearts and put it on my nightstand because just from the title, it intrigued me as it did 2 years ago.

Wanting to know more about the book before I started it (and I haven't because have you noticed my life's been just a bit crazy? ;) ), I googled Paula Rinehart and was met with the above quote. 

To really fly you must claim the courage to live out of your real self, the one God called into being.

My mother has always called me her "butterfly" because unlike the one in the description, I rarely stay pinned down anywhere. I love to explore, I love to travel, I love going and being and doing. I don't doubt at all that I've lived out of my real self, especially since I was 23 and first came to discover what living abroad was like.

There was a reason I wasn't supposed to read that book 2 years ago, at least that's what I think. I think this book will take me on a journey of seeing what adventures God is about to take me on, to once again experience living out of my true self and discovering a new path on this journey.

I'll let you know.


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