The Process of Transition

Transition is a word that all of us living over here are quite familiar hearing. There's the transition of moving to a new country, adapting to a new culture, and making friends. There's the transition of saying goodbye to those who leave at the end of the year - students and friends - and then adjusting to life here without them. And then there's the transition you start to feel when you, yourself, are on your way out.

Yes, that's me.

I am asked a lot how I'm doing. It's a loaded question. Because there are so many answers, I really don't know how to respond to it. I'm trying to soak everything in - last Budenfest, last Pottery Festival, getting to a certain part of France or Switzerland one more time, checking easyjet to see if there are cheap flights to a European country that I want to get to before I go.

I'm trying not to let myself get too caught up in the "lasts" just yet. That will come when in a few weeks when we head to Herbstmesse with the kids and it's my "last" bumper car ride, my "last" ferris wheel ride seeing Basel, not to mention my "last" Herbstmesse.

I am doing my best to be intentional with my friends here and with those who are dear to my heart. I know I stay pretty busy but I want to leave well and in doing so, I need this time with people who have poured into my life these last 2 years.

Of course I can't help but get excited for going back. I'm excited to live in Orlando, excited to see what life looks like with John not only in the same time zone and continent, but in the same city!

However, I've done this before and I know how painful the re-entry process can be and I know there are going to be plenty of times where I'll suddenly think about this sweet little town and begin to miss it all over again.

Transition, you are a necessary evil sometimes.


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