The Lasts Begin

This weekend was the Kandern Pottery Market (Töpfermarkt). This is a weekend I've looked forward to every year because you get to see some really cool pottery and it's just a nice time to hang out with your friends while looking at beautiful art.

Yesterday Rachel, Amy, Christine & I went and had a great time walking around and hanging out.

However, today after church, I decided to go back and take it in one last time by myself. I was a little sad only because I knew this was the first of many lasts that I will begin to experience in the next three months. I made sure to capture pictures of favorite pottery booths, of things I could never afford, and stared longingly at a mug that was just too expensive in the long run.

As I left, I ran into a few seniors who were also experiencing the loss of the pottery market. One stated that he wished he could buy something from every stall to remember it by. I felt his pain.

The lasts are only just beginning. I still don't know what to really make of this.


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