A Chronicle of Summer So Far

I got to hang out with Bailey, Taylor, & Nicole my second night back in town.
Me & Bailey

And then John came to Jacksonville that Friday and took me out on our first date to River City Brewing Company. On Saturday, we spent the day in St. Augustine.

Our first date!
Watching the Germany/Ghana match in St. Augustine
On Sunday, I met up with Erika and we left for our Disney cruise to the Bahamas

 After our cruise, I went to Orlando and got to spend the weekend not only w/John but with Lexi as well!

It was a great week to meet John's friends and get to hang out with one of my friends from BFA as well. The best was getting to go to DISNEY WORLD on Saturday with John, Lexi, and other friends.

And finally, I got to spend more time in Orlando over 4th of July week. John and I along with another couple spent the weekend in Ft. Myers, Florida.

                                     Needless to say, it's been a pretty great summer so far.....


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