25 Days of School

Amy posted this on her status last night. There are a myriad of emotions reading that. As the eternal child that I will always be, summer has always been my favorite season. Probably because I grew up in a climate that always felt summer-ish for most of the year. I have a lot to look forward to this summer. And as hot as I know it will be, I cannot wait to be back in my beloved Florida for two months. I can't wait to make those last minute Target runs before heading to the beach or coming back from the beach feeling sticky with sand and sun and rolling the windows down. That's one of my favorite feelings in the world.

But 25 days also means that I have 25 school days with my sweet seniors. This class touched my heart last year because they were the class that really taught me about what life as a teacher at BFA looked like. I can't really give any good examples, other than that they were just really great students to have and a ton of fun. I know they will all be awesome wherever life takes them after this year. They're all excited and ready for college and I'm excited for them....but that still doesn't mean it makes it any easier to watch the days tick down.


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