There is so much to say about this amazing trip but I know that long-winded blogposts can get old really fast. So I'll try to be as brief as possible.

Myself along with 3 other adults from BFA took 23 kids to work with the Masai people in Longido Tanzania. Most of our work was done at the school that was located right behind the campsite where we stayed. Everyday we did VBS with the students there and spent the afternoons just hanging out with them. A group of our students also worked on a fence to build around the school to keep out unwanted animals. As last year was with Kyrgyzstan, this year also changed my worldview of life. I tend to forget just how much we take for granted living where we live. Last night when I got home, I reveled in taking an actual shower and not pouring water over my head with a bucket of water that had to be boiled first in order to rid the parasites away. When I brushed my teeth it was the first time in over a week that I didn't have to use a bottle of water and not tap water. And when I got into bed, I didn't have to check for scorpions or other insects.

I got to experience going to church at a traditional African church and it was something I've always wanted to do. Worshiping alongside the people there, I could feel the Lord's presence saturating the tiny building where we met. It was hot and by the time the service ended, I could feel sweat dripping all over me but I didn't care.

One of my favorite experiences was getting to meet a sweet girl named Anna. She immediately connected with me the first day. We got to talk everyday and the last day that I said goodbye, Anna wept in my arms. She gave me a handmade necklace before I had to go. I left her two pairs of shoes. It wasn't enough and I wished I could've left her with more.

And for those of you who know me well, I went hiking up a mountain in the African bush. And I survived! Despite the teasing from the other leaders a/b there being cobras lurking (and I don't even want to know if there were!) I made it! The view in itself was worth every bit of it!

A piece of my heart is still in Tanzania and always will be. I met some great people there that I'll never forget. I'm so grateful to Pam & Dan who were our leaders and did so much for us. I hope I get to go back next year because of the experiences had.


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