There are days when I sincerely wish I had never experienced what life was like in Europe. Are you shocked to hear me say that?

Well, it's true.

Sometimes, I wish I had never known what amazing places Germany and Switzerland are. Sometimes, I wish I was still that na├»ve 23-year-old collegiate grad that had just forgone the au pair application and stayed in the little Floridian bubble that was my life.
Sometimes, I wish I had experienced what it was like to just stay in one place and be with the friends I went to high school and college with
Sometimes, I wish I wasn't so adventurous.
Sometimes, I wish I lived near my parents & got to live life with my brother and sister-in-law.


But most times, I'm thankful and grateful for the life He chose for me.
Most times, I still can't believe how blessed I am to be working with these sweet kiddos that are in my life everyday.
Most times, I am overwhelmed with the support and friendships over here that only He could have orchestrated.
Most times, I revel in coffee dates with my mentor, dinner dates with friends, and roommate time with my roomie.

Living abroad is a glorious and wonderful experience. And on these days like today when I am feeling low, I am reminded of just how beautiful this life is that I have been given. And while it's not all sunshine and rainbows everyday, it's still pretty darn good.


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