Rainy German Days

This semester has already flown by. How is it that we are only 3 weeks away from March? Not to mention 4 weeks from today the last performance of Annie, Jr. will be happening. If it's true that every year goes faster the older you get, then I'm living proof.

Today I woke up feeling more tired than usual. I'm pretty sure staying up until 4am last Monday threw me off of a decent sleep schedule. Yet another reminder that I'm not 21 anymore and definitely in my mid-thirties. So most of the week I was having trouble sleeping and was thankful that my body clock let me sleep in past 8. It was kind of a miracle. Anyway, so I woke up to a rainy day and had already made plans to go with Amy to F├╝nfschilling for lunch. Tonight I was supposed to spend the evening with my former pastor's wife but due to illness, we had to reschedule. I got home at 4:00 and as bummed as I was about not being able to spend time with my friend tonight, there was something about putting on my sweats and platzing in front of the Olympics that excited me. Especially because ice dancing was on.

I think I'm realizing that as extroverted as I am and as much as I love being around people, there are just some days - like today - that remind me it's OK to have some time for myself. Justina is out with friends tonight and I've made a cup of Chai and plan on watching something on Netflix later while munching on kale chips. Yes, I'd say I've mastered the art of relaxation today. Especially because the next few weekends will not allow me this chance until well after Spring Break. I don't mind the quiet, the empty house, or the rain. With all I've got going on, I feel as though this is kind of God's surprise gift to me today...


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