Galentines Day

Justina's birthday is today and so yesterday as part of her birthday weekend, she wanted a few of us to  venture to the thermal baths outside of Basel. Thermal baths are really popular around this area and there are a few around Kandern, but the Sole Uno in Rheinfelden is our favorite! You have a choice of several saunas that are scented with eucalyptus, sea salt, citrus, or other refreshing scents. There is a Hamam (Turkish bath), outdoor salt pool, whirlpool, and my favorite is the Dead Sea salt pool where you float in a pool of dead sea salts and listen to music playing under the water! All eight of us left feeling very relaxed and pampered! We ended our evening with take out from our favorite Italian restaurant and a lot of laughing until late into the night.

Yeah, Valentine's Day doesn't really appeal to me right now and I've become more cynical about it the older I get, but last night was among one of my favorite ways to spend the day! I'm so thankful as always for the friendships God has given me over here!


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