2013: A Look Back...

So long, 2013. Hard to believe you have come and gone as fast as you did. In tribute, here are a few things I've learned and done in the last year (in somewhat of a no particular order):

-Just because it took me 11 years to figure it out, I didn't waste my degree in Musical Theatre after all.

-Co-led a mission trip to the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. In 2012, I couldn't pick that country out on a map.

-Middle Schoolers are fun. Middle Schoolers who take Choir and do plays are even more fun.

-Brokenness is not something that is fixed. I'm a broken person. You're a broken person. This isn't something that will ever change, no matter how "good" we all try to pretend we are. Guilty as charged.

-Seeing the Reformation Wall in Geneva and getting my picture taken with John Calvin:

- High Schoolers taught me what the meaning of "hashtag", "totes", and Tumblr are. They also taught me that they are among my favorite people in the world.

- I ran 3 races in a span of 3 months. Ironically, they kept getting smaller (10K, 5.5K, 5K)

- I'm still learning that I cannot please the world; more specifically, I cannot please those I want to be pleased with me. There's only ONE who is pleased with me and He's also quite fond of the person I am.

- It gets really hot in Germany in the summer. So hot that we had to take a day trip to the Swiss Alps to cool off (because we also don't have air conditioning)

- I have awesome friends and they just keep getting more awesome

- I had to say a lot of goodbyes in 2013. Friends & students leaving from BFA, my pastor at ACB moving to England, and my dear Ceebs leaves Germany tomorrow to begin a new life with her man. Goodbyes will never get easier, no matter how much I have to say them.

- I don't know if I will ever grasp how deep and how wide the Father's love is for me. The more I try to understand it, the more amazed I am.

- Oversensitivity is going to be the struggle that makes me draw closer to Jesus because he's the only one who can remind me that it's my selfish nature that starts it up in the first place.

- Instagram might be better than Facebook (::gasps::)

- I started semi-tweeting again on Twitter....but let's be honest...I only did it to find out what the celebs are up to...

- I turned 35 and still do not feel a day over 21....then I hang around 21-year-olds and remember that yes, I'm definitely 35.

- And no matter how old I get, these five men will always make me swoon and I don't care if their reunion was 90 seconds long, it was still a reunion. #jcismyfave #iwishicouldseejtinconcert #forgetthatiwishtherewasarealnsyncreunionwheretheywentontourandeverything



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