Aligning My Heart

I am a member of a really cool group website called Single Roots, a community of singles like myself who share life together. Recently, I read a blog about aligning your heart with Christ and how that should be my prayer everyday. There have been several instances in the last 2 weeks where I have needed that prayer more than anything. I found myself praying it all day Wednesday and Thursday. Even today at dress rehearsal, I had it in the back of my mind. "Lord, align my heart with yours because when it's in your will that I rest, I won't be restless." That's kind of been my "mantra" if you will. Obviously, I'll still be restless because I'm an imperfect human being living in a fallen world. But I've found in the last few days of praying this simple prayer, that my heart has been more content than it has in a while. I'm not saying this will always be the case. It can't be completely content until I get to heaven. But I can at least rest knowing that His will and His desire for my life is far beyond my comprehension in this small little life I am living.


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