A Road Trip to Cool Off

Yesterday, Kandern had highs in the 90s and when you're literally in a bowl like we are, you can hardly get any relief from it. We also don't have air conditioners over here -we really don't need them because in a/b a month or so, it will be cool enough to leave the windows open. And then don't get me started on when winter hits- so Katrina, Rachel, & I decided to drive over a/b 2 1/2 hrs to the Alps in Muerren, Switzerland. If you're familiar with Switzerland, this is near the Jungfrau, the highest point in Europe. We took a gondola (not the boat. Think large ski lift) up to the top, then a train into the village of Muerren. The views were astounding and amazing. And even though it was only about 8 degrees cooler, we could still feel a difference. When we got back to Kandern, it had significantly cooled off and today it's supposed to rain, so hopefully we'll be able to enjoy the last bit of summer and not dread going outside.


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