To Sum Up a School Year...

I don't know how to sum up this year. Lots of transition. Lots of emotional roller coasters. Lots of laughs. Lots of tears. Lots of singing. Lots of talks. Lots of coffee. Lots of bonding.

And today it ended.

Today was graduation at BFA, or as it's known around here "Grad." It was a day I'd heard about all year. I think the best words to describe it would be joyfully sad. I'm thrilled that these students made it to the end, but for the ones that I grew close with, the ones who I formed bonds with, it was quite sad. The High School Choir sang Seize the Day again and as soon as the opening notes of the song were played, the tears started and didn't stop for most of the ceremony afterwards. BFA does grad right. Each student, when called, is given a small tribute written by staff and friends. The dorms and home students have their own little "sign" they give one another (for instance, Storch yelled out "Opa!") when one of their own was presented.

After the ceremony, underclassmen say their goodbyes to the seniors and then seniors join the faculty and family upstairs for a reception in their honor. It's definitely a full, but good day and a great way for them to say goodbye and have some sense of closure.

I'm dreading next year. I'm dreading it more because the students who are now Seniors also hold a special place in my heart. I don't want to know what it will be like to walk the halls and not have them here. But, as Justina reminded me, I have a whole year before that even begins.

The Class of 2013

HS Choir singing Seize the Day

Ben and me. Love this kid!

I had the privilege of teaching Jacob both semesters of Choir!

I'm glad I have one year left with Joey!

The goodbyes between underclassmen and Seniors


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