Saturday and Sunday

The Sad Day
On Saturday, we had our Staff Barbeque. This is a chance for us to say our goodbyes to the staff who are leaving and not returning next year. To say that it was sad is an understatement. Afterwards, I went out with a few friends to say my goodbyes to Anna, Tommy, & Jon. We laughed a lot and we laughed hard. It was great, but I knew the inevitable would come at the end of the night. As Tommy and Jon like to say, "See you later"....well, I guess so, boys...

Jon, Anna, me, & Tommy
"See you later"

 The Happy Day

Sunday turned out to be beautiful all around. It began with services at ACB, followed by a church-wide picnic in Schutzenmatt Park, one of my favorite parks in Basel. Justina, Amy, & I brought a typical picnic lunch of bread, salami, cheese, fruit, & veggies. The weather was gorgeous and it was nice to talk to some of our church family and say goodbye (me) for a few weeks.  On Sunday evening, Amy & I met up for dinner at Lorenzo's in Kandern. It was an equally gorgeous evening and a great way to end a very emotional weekend. Feeling grateful.
ACB picnicking!
Tram lines running next to the park and through the grass
Sipping on cappuccino on a beautiful summer evening


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