My Kiddos: They Are Amazing.

I don't even know where to begin. I was blown away. BLOWN away by my kiddos. I knew in rehearsals that they were amazing, but to hear them tonight on the stage, singing with such pride, gave me chills. As I listened to the rest of the talent (orchestras, bands, etc), I began to think about this time last year and how still being at BFA was something of a dream. I hadn't raised all of my support, I didn't know when I'd be leaving, but I did know that I'd be teaching at least High School choir if nothing else. What this year gave to me was beyond amazing. I fell in love with teaching again. No, I fell in love with teaching my passion. And next year, I get to do it all over again plus teach two semesters of acting and direct both the high school and middle school play. Sometimes I can't believe it. I say all the time that I'm doing what I love and it's so true. This is such a gift I've been given and I'm grateful to my Father who opened this door for me because I cannot imagine doing or being anything or anywhere else.


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