Middle School Awards Night

One of the many wonderful things about working at BFA is that I get to participate in festivities at the High School and the Middle School. Last night, the Middle Schoolers were honored with end of the year awards. Beforehand, the 8th grade class had a banquet in their honor at a delicious restaurant in a neighboring village. The guys looked quite spiffy in their dress shirts and ties (some with bow ties!) and the girls looked equally as beautiful in their dresses (some I even wanted to borrow!). At the Awards Ceremony, each 8th grader is given a tribute by a specific teacher. I was honored to give a tribute speech to David, the lead in the Middle School Play that I directed this year. Overall, it was a lovely evening. I'm looking forward to having these new freshmen at the high school next year!

8th Graders getting their poses on for their Banquet

MS Staff!

Reading David his tribute
The best part of my job!


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