Rain, Rain on my Face.

We knew it was going to be gross weather today. In fact, all week, we knew that it was going to rain up until next week. So when I woke up this morning, I was prepared for the rain. Or so I thought. I wore my rain jacket but didn't put on my Wellies because I figured I wasn't really going to be out and about all that much and wouldn't need them. Ok and fine, they didn't really go with the jeans I was wearing - there I said it!

When I got on Facebook this morning, it was a full on weather report from Kandern area people about a possible flooding and bad storms tonight and into tomorrow. At this point, it was just raining and I really didn't think anything of it. You're talking to the girl who's survived more than her fair share of hurricanes. In my opinion - a little rain never hurt anyone. But this rain didn't. let. up. Not once. And by the time I finished teaching over at the Middle School and came back to the High School, the creek beside the school was dangerously close to overflowing. Not to mention my driveway, which is a hill right across from the school, was flooded and looked like a mini Niagara running into the street and the BFA parking lot.

Well, that was 6 hours ago. It's now 10:30pm over here and it's still raining. I've no idea if the creek overflowed or not. What's interesting is that the city of Kandern has been preparing for the 100 Year Flood (which I'm assuming this is) for the last three years. I don't know if it did any good. To be honest, I'm a little worried that the school might flood.

Please pray that this rain stops.

Or that I can fashion an ark of some sort.

Here's my driveway as seen from the 4th floor main building:


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