I'm Homesick.

There. I let it out. I am utterly homesick right now for my family, my friends, the beach, Disney World (yes, I said it!), and Target (those of you who are expats know what I mean by that!).

I was sitting in my office just now and kind of contemplating what's been wrong the last few days. I've been working out regularly again, eating healthier, enjoying the warm weather, enjoying my kiddos, but something has seemed "off" and I couldn't pin point it. Finally, after seeing a picture someone had posted on FB of my parents, it hit me: I'm homesick.

Here's the thing with transition - just when you think you are over it, something happens to remind you that you are certainly not over it and life is continuing in the States (or Canada or England or wherever you are "from") without you. At least that's how it has been for me lately. Hearing my parents' voice over the phone hasn't been enough. I want to see them. And yes, praise the Lord for Skype and FaceTime, but I want to physically see them.

This is the longest stretch of time I've gone without seeing my family. I still have 2 months (from today to be exact!) to go and although there is plenty to keep me busy here, I really miss them.

Life goes on here and I'm so thankful for the abundance of friends that God has placed in my path. I'm also grateful for the families who have welcomed me into their homes as one of their own.

But nothing beats a hug from my parents.


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