So I spoke in High School Chapel last week and you know how sometimes you really don't realize what you're saying might have an impact? That was kind of how I felt. Honestly, I got up there and was just like, "Ok, God. You and me. Speak through me because if it's just me I will sound like an idiot."

I told my story of how I had grown up just knowing I'd be on Broadway and that that had been my dream but how in my last year of college, God closed that door. I wanted to be famous. I wanted my name in lights. But God had other plans. So I just told that story and said that if I had let myself and my dreams get in the way of God's plan, I wouldn't be at BFA and I can't imagine myself anywhere else.

Yesterday, I went to my mailbox and got a bill from the school (woot woot) and a letter. It came from a student that I've just recently gotten to know and it literally took my breath away at how eloquently she wrote. But here's just some of what she had to say:

"Thank you so much for sharing how God worked in your life last chapel. It was a great encouragement to hear how God always gives His children something better than they may ever expect...Your testimony was a wonderful reminder and a great proof of how God truly is faithful and how His plans are so much greater than what we can imagine..."



  1. confirmation after confirmation.
    god is good.
    and he can only use you more when he has you right where he intended for you to be.
    love you, friend.
    and SO, SO proud of you!

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