When God Closes a Door....

My senior year of college, after many years of preparation and knowing that I wanted to move to New York and pursue this acting thing, God shut the door. I didn't understand and of course I questioned as did others in my life who figured this was what I was always supposed to do. I had talked about it for years and years. But no, this was not to be and as much as I kept asking God, "Are you sure? Really?" The same answer I got was, "Not now."

Two months later, I got hired to be an Au Pair in Basel. You know the rest of the story (most of you do, anyway). I fell in love with Europe and traveling and this part of Europe began to feel like home. I'd go back and forth once again, this time to teach 4th and 5th grade. And I even dabbled in directing then, auditioning some when I got home. But the door still remained locked.

When I came to BFA, the door began to open again. Here I was in a setting I adored - I love Germany, I love teenagers, and I love the world of the stage. I got to be an assistant director for the high school play in the fall and then was given the duty and task of directing the middle schoolers. Last night it was solidified even more just how much I love this. I love every aspect of it.

I'm so glad the door closed on my plans. Because had it remained opened, I wouldn't be here at this school with these wonderful, awesome, talented kiddos that I get to teach. There were lessons I had to learn before the door opened again. I say this as an encouragement to you. There may be doors that have closed and you have no idea why and you might not find out so soon. But I can testify and speak from experience that there is a purpose and a reason for everything.

Feeling so blessed this morning. I love what I do.


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