...ends today. In a way, I'm kind of relieved. This month, even though it is the shortest, has ultimately seemed like the longest month this year. It has been so dreary and dismal here, with little sun. Most of us have been walking around like zombies due to sickness and tiredness and S.A.D. Today I woke up with some sort of sinus blahness and have been resting at home in between teaching. That's the lovely thing about living across the street from BFA is that I'm just a walk home when I need to rest.

Tomorrow is the first day of March and also the day we leave for our High School Retreat. I'm looking forward to being with Elizabeth's and my small group girls and really getting a chance to spend time with them and other students. I really need to get well before tomorrow morning and am hoping these meds that I got from the Apotheke (pharmacy) will help.

So long, you dreary month of February! I'm looking forward to sunnier days ahead....


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