Thursday, February 14, 2013

Embrace the Valentine

Today, instead of wallowing in the "sorrow" of my singleness, I embraced it. I embraced waking up and going to teach and getting to hear some amazing melodies from my kiddos. I embraced talks with my friends, a rose given to me by a student, hugs throughout the day, grocery shopping for Valentines Dinner, and then the dinner itself. Sitting around a table and toasting each other and how God has given us this time and this moment to be together as friends and sisters in Christ. Watching a movie and indulging in sweet treats. And getting driven home while snow began to fall once again.

I embraced each of these moments and not once did I start to feel sorry for myself, because this life that I am living is given to me each day. This is the life He chose for me and while I wouldn't have expected to be single on this 34th Valentine's Day, I'm able to enjoy it and experience loving on my students and my friends here at BFA.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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