They're Just Groceries

As a missionary, I find myself always thinking about how I couldn't do the simplest tasks without YOU. Yes, YOU, if you are reading this, praying for me, financially partnering with me, etc...groceries wouldn't even be possible.

You may think, "they're just groceries..." but they're so much more than that.

On my recent trip to the grocery store -called Lidl (that is the name of the grocery store, not the name for grocery stores in German just so we're clear ;))- I was making selections for some new recipes I'm trying out. One being an egg, feta, broccoli, & chili pepper omelet that I just devoured (it was yum). As I headed for the cash register, I began to think about how many of you are helping me do this. You're helping me with the eggs, the broccoli, the feta, the coffee, the turkey meat, etc..This is what your prayers and financial support helps me with.

Something as simple as groceries.

I just wanted you to know how incredibly much I appreciate it and am blessed by it.

So thank you :)


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