So Far

We started a new semester on Thursday. The kiddos finished finals on Wednesday and were thrown into a new schedule the next day. Despite a few weary faces and bloodshot eyes on Thursday, they made it through and as a reward for their hard work, no homework was given this weekend. As of right now before Add/Drop is over, I have 33 students in Choir! We started the first of five new songs today and they sound great.

I'm trying to manage my time and schedule better this semester than last. I have a lot due for a seminary course in March, but I also am busy every weekend up until the 2nd weekend in April. I've also been working out regularly with friends and starting to eat much healthier than before Christmas. However, tonight, with the closing of our local Asian restaurant-Asia Wok-I caved and ate noodles.

Friends have been abundant and I am always thankful that God puts the people in our lives that we need at exactly the time we need them.

A small request-my bank card from America has been frozen due to suspicious activity. My mom mailed the new card to me last week and I am waiting to get it soon because rent is due on Friday and I have to pull from my American account to put money into my German account. Please pray that the card arrives by Monday, as there are other expenses that need to be paid for.

Tomorrow is a full day so I'll say good-night for now.


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