...and We're Back!

This was our first week back to school after a 3 week break. It was SO good to see the kiddos and it just made me realize how much I missed them and also how much I love doing what I do. It's been a busy week because finals for them are coming up before we begin 2nd semester. I was extremely proud of my Choir kiddos for learning a song in 4 days! We might be performing it at this week's Tuesday recital!

Elizabeth and I had our first small group of the new year and it was so great to see our girls again! We celebrated two of their birthdays and spent the time talking about Christmas Break. I mean it when I say that these girls have truly been an answer to prayer and are the highlight of my week :)

It was also my first rehearsal with my Middle School play kiddos and I was beyond proud of them for memorizing their lines over break! We have nearly blocked Act 1, Scene 1 and it was just the first day!

This coming semester promises to be even busier than last. I would really appreciate prayers for my new choir members coming in, the Middle School play in March, Honors Choir in Budapest, and our M-Trip to Central Asia. I'm also working on a class for seminary, so needless to say -- life is BUSY.

Here's a picture below of some of the students on the first day back:


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