He Knows Better

Yesterday, I held auditions for the Middle School play that will be put on in March. I have two student directors and together with the Stage Manager and three Middle School teachers, we got to work on casting. In college, I sometimes thought I would go onto be a casting director. I really love and hate that part of theatre. I love it because it's fun to see the character in the play come alive and the script becomes more than just a story on paper. I hate it because I do have a sensitive spirit and I know the heartache that is caused when you don't get the role you want or that you had your heart set on. I remember all too well the anticipation of waiting for that cast list to be put up on the bulletin board and then the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when your name doesn't appear.

Yet, just like when I didn't make cheerleading in 9th grade and just like when so many other disappointments came and still come, God always, ALWAYS has a plan. I'm praying that those Middle Schoolers who didn't make it, will come to that realization in due time. I'm still coming into that when things don't go as planned, when God decides to take me down a path I wasn't expecting. And even still, I'm reminding myself that His ways are always higher and better than anything else.


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