The What-ifs

Do you ever sit and wonder "what if" something had or hadn't happened in your life? Basketball tryouts are this week and it got me to thinking about when I was in high school and tried out for cheerleading in 9th grade. The reason it made me think on this is because I know not all the students can make the team and some will probably be devastated and wonder what good will come out of not making the team.

In 9th grade, I didn't make cheerleading and I was devastated. I cried for days. The first pep rally seeing all of my cheerleading friends - including my best friend - out on the court made my heart sink. I thought my world had ended.

But that was the year I started an acting class. It was also the year our high school began its drama and choral program. And even though I could have done both, it would have been difficult. I wasn't the best student in the world and it took a lot for me to make a B sometimes. But theatre and choir became my outlet. It became the thing I flourished in. And ultimately, it was because of that that caused me to study it in college.

And now, I'm the proud choir director of 26 awesome kids and just finished co-directing a play.

So the what-if? What if I had made cheerleading? What if I had given up singing and theatre to devote 4 years of my life to something I probably wouldn't have continued in college. I wonder if life would be different now?

In the coming days, I hope I can use this story to be an encouragement to my kiddos who will be trying out for basketball. Some making it, some not. Either way, God will use it in their future. He always does.


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