Fall in Basel...aka I LOVE IT HERE

Yesterday, I went into Basel to meet up with the Coen family, a family I met while teaching at RIA six years ago. I took the bus into Basel and immediately saw the "Heisse Maroni" (hot chestnuts) sign across from Starbucks. That's always my indication that fall has arrived over here. The gelato stands disappear and heisse maroni appears. I ordered a small bag of them, then went to Starbucks to get a coffee before I had to go and meet the Coen's. I had heard a rumor that Starbucks here was finally selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It's never been sold here before, at least at Starbucks, and so I ordered one right away! I got upstairs to get online with my latte and heisse maroni, only to find out the internet didn't work (this is a long, detailed story but the Reader's Digest version is that I had to search an hour all over Basel for internet to get the Coen's address and the tram number I was to take and eventually had to pay for internet service!).

I drank my latte in peace and enjoyed my maroni's before starting out for the Coen's. When I got off the tram in their neighborhood, I could see the leaves already starting to turn and the weather was definitely crisp and colder. I had a great visit with the Coen's and it is yet another reminder of being back in a place that is truly my home :)

I had decided earlier in the week to go to the evening service at ACB yesterday. It's a higher Anglican service and held in the cloisters of the Munster. The walk there takes you through little alleyways and cobblestone streets and everything one might imagine in a European town. I probably had a huge smile on my face by the time I arrived at church.

Fall here is my favorite.


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