Silly Me featuring JC

Today began like any other day in Choir, except that I had forgotten to put up a Fun Music Fact of the Day on the board. So, because there was no time to look one up, I resorted to a fact that probably not many of my kiddos were aware and wrote:

Before he was a megastar, Justin Timberlake was in a boy band called Nsync 
Extra Bonus Points/Extra Bounty Bar if you can name one of Nsync's songs

JD raised his hand and said, "I can't name a song, but I can name another member. Does that count?"

I told him it did.

What he said next immediately turned me into a 13-year-old watching the Mickey Mouse Club or the 20-year-old at an Nsync concert:

"JC Chasez but the only reason I know that is because me and my parents have been to his house."

I was speechless.

"You'vebeentojcchasezshouse?!" (it literally came out in one run-on sentence just like that).

"Yeah, my parents know his parents,"

EY raised her hand and said, "Miss Stroud, your face is turning red."

Of course it was! 

And then... then I heard myself say, "Oh my gosh could you get me his autograph?!"

The entire class burst into laughter watching their teacher act like a moron.

I apologized for being a weirdo. To which SB said, "Don't worry, Miss Stroud. We're all a little weird at BFA. You fit right in."

Well, there you go.


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