A Weekend of Festivals

Fall has arrived in Germany/Switzerland and I LOVE it!

Yesterday, a few of us met up at the Pottery Festival here in Kandern. I ended up purchasing 3 mugs for coffee and tea purposes.

Last night was our church's annual Harvest Supper. It was a great time to be with my lovely family at ACB!

Today, Amy & Rachel & I headed over to Bottmingen for the Kurbis (Pumpkin) Festival. This is something that Anne and I did when we were roomies back in Weil years ago. We waited in line for over an hour for some yummy pumpkin soup & pumpkin cake.

Then, we walked around taking in the sights from the festival. Obviously, there were lots of pumpkins, but beautiful flowers and scenery to match

All in all, I loved this weekend :)


  1. awwww, these make me happy! Bummed I missed a pumpkin festival! Didn't even know about it! But you got great pics of it.. so that makes me feel better, lol :)

  2. soooo jealous that you got to enjoy ACB's harvest supper, but so glad you could, too. :)


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