A Few Thoughts From the First Week

It's Thursday and I've now officially been in Germany over 4 weeks now. It still feels somewhat new in some aspects, but in others I feel like I never left.

Tuesday was the first official day of school and as you saw in the pictures from my last post, we have what's called Opening Ceremonies at BFA. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever been a part of. The staff and faculty walk in to cheers and applause from the students. I was definitely tearing up and crying by the time I saw down! Then the seniors line up and are given flags from the country they are either from, have lived in, or have passports in. 52 countries represent our school now! There is a country roll call where each student stands up when their country is called out. After the ceremony has ended, students go outside to say goodbye to their parents. I watched as parents prayed with their children, hugged them goodbye, and then left. It was almost gut wrenching, but humbling all at the same time.

I'm going to be pretty busy this semester, but I'm super excited about all of it. I will be co-leading a Small Girls group with Elizabeth on Wednesday nights, subbing in Storchenblick (Storch) Dorm every other Thursday, and as of yesterday, am a Freshmen Class sponsor! And then of course there is my beautiful, awesome, amazing, wonderful, extremely talented choir. I have 25 kids!!! 11 of those 25 are GUYS!!! We started working on a song today and they sound like angels. Really and truly. I am blessed.

I'm still reveling in the fact that I'm here. I love it. I love my friends, I love the community, and I thank God everyday for the ways He continues to remind me just how sovereign He is.


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