A Bike Ride...

They called it the "Slow Up Basel." They said it was a bike ride through Basel. They lied....well, sort of.

It was a bike ride through Basel. It was also a total of 20 kilometers (13 miles) through Germany and France as well. I came dressed for a leisurely bike ride through the city. No, no. You'd think by now after my 3rd time living here, I'd know that when Europeans say "go for a walk" they mean "go for a hike" and when they say "bike ride" that just means "a mini Tour de France."

But I'm glad I didn't give into my instincts at first, which was to go find a coffee somewhere!

We started off (me and fellow members of ACB) from the church and for the first ten minutes or so, I was pretty wary of everything. We hadn't gotten to the path to follow yet and so there were cars and people and we were in the middle of the city. Then the path became easier and although there were a few hiccups (getting yelled at in Swiss German because I stopped suddenly) and parts of the ride that were barely rideable (the footbridge leading into France), I ended up loving it. Riding past the Rhein and getting to see gorgeous scenery throughout Switzerland, France, & Germany was like nothing else I've ever experienced on a bicycle!

In true British fashion, we met back at the church for tea and cakes!!!

I forgot my camera, but really, having to keep up with the pace provided no time to stop and take pictures, anyway.

I ended up loving today. A lot.


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