Surprise! Guess Who's Still in Control?

If God has called you to something don't be surprised if the enemy tries to snatch away your joy.

Today I received an email from the housing department at BFA letting me know that there was a small chance I might not be getting the apartment originally assigned to me. The girl who is living there presently has not been able to find a new apartment yet and so she will either remain another year or I will have to wait until September to move in.

Now, I could choose to view this one of two ways. I could pout, act like an orphan, and throw my hands up in the air and get really mad at God for not having this apartment ready when I needed it. Or, I could thank God that there was another option for sharing with another teacher temporarily and be thankful I had a place to stay at all.

When I read the email, option 1 crossed my mind.

I chose to go with option 2. In the long run, it's better to keep in mind that God called me and he's not forgotten that I need housing. He's just going about it in His way.

3 days.


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