...will be spent in Basel attending ACB. Today is my first Sunday to try this out. I have to leave Kandern on the 7:20am bus and arrive in Basel a little after 8am. Church doesn't start until 10:30 but I had googled the closest Starbucks to that particular bus stop and saw that it opened at 8am, which I thought was perfect. Well, either their website hasn't been updated or the barista forgot to unlock the door. Because Starbucks was most definitely closed in Claraplatz today. On top of that, I had to go to the bathroom and if you know anything about European public restrooms, they are few and far between. Thankfully, there was a restaurant open and they graciously let me use their facilities! I tried the Starbucks again and it was still closed, so I decided to hop on the #8 tram and ride it to the Basel train station (SBB). The Starbucks there was open and so I ordered my non-fat latte macchiato and plopped down at a window seat. Unless I get a car or start riding in with someone, this is going to be the norm from now on. Hope these Starbucks baristas don't tire of seeing the American ;)

Here are a few pics of my first few days in Deutschland. Happy Sunday!


  1. Good ol Starbucks. It's like having a little slice of the States here. I sought refuge there after missing a bus at least once last year. It's too bad that Claraplatz didn't get the memo about when they were supposed to open. Glad you had a good day.

  2. So wonderful Alli! Love the pictures. Hope all gets smoothed out for your Sunday travels - love it that you're able to just scoot around on this tram and that. :)


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