Stick. Standard. Stink!

I'm eligible for a driver's license in Germany (thank you Massachusetts for the reciprocity!), so today Katie took me out for a lesson in driving a manual car. Several thoughts raced through my mind as I shifted and stalled my way through Kandern, one of which was - WHY DON'T THEY LIKE AUTOMATIC CARS OVER HERE?! You can find them, but they're super expensive and hard to come by. So, like any good staff member at BFA, I'm struggling through the process of learning to drive this kind of car. I do not like it so far. Katie was quite patient with me. Even when the car sounded as if it was going to explode. Also, why in the world would anyone want to drive a car that rolls backwards when you are shifting at a stop sign? AUGH. I have full faith in myself that I will improve. I must improve. Otherwise, it's going to be a loooong walk to Sitzenkirch (the village where the Middle School is) and although I do enjoy exercising, I don't think it will be a good idea to come sweaty and panting to Middle School Chorus. 

Pressing on!


  1. Did you get to try to get the car into first on a hill with the emergency brake on? That's my favorite.


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