Orientation Begins!

But first, wrapping up on Sunday...

Sunday turned out to be an all around wonderful day. When I went back to ACB, I was warmly welcomed by old friends and was formally welcomed back in the service! It was great to see everyone and get reacquainted! After church, I headed down Steinenvorstadt to the Starbucks there to meet up with Jo and Vanessa. These two girls were wonderful friends of mine and my roommate Anne’s when we lived here 2 years ago. We caught right back up where we left off it seemed and are already planning to go on a little weekend away trip in the Spring.

Later that afternoon, I met up with Kelly, a former co-worker of mine from RIA. It was so wonderful to see her and have a meal together! I’m so thankful for the relationships that have stayed in tact over the last 4 years and that God is good to bring us back together!

Yesterday was our first full day of Orientation. We will be doing German this week and next week will be School/Classroom Orientation. The week after that will be the All Staff Conference and then the kiddos come back! This marks the 4th time I’ve been in a German class.I’ve already promised myself and others that I will be fluent sooner or later this time around!! It’s pretty interesting to see what words I’ve picked up and what I remember!

Afterwards, Heather invited some people over for lunch and had made sandwiches and homemade chocolate chip cookies. It ended up being me, Rachel, Karen, the Loops, and the Summers. We sat around Heather’s living room and chatted and had a really great and relaxing time just getting to know everyone better. We then headed back into town and I met up with the Loops, Rachel, and Karen at the Blumenplatz in town. After checking in at the bike store (it was closed), we decided to walk down to the Eis Cafe. This time I was good and just ordered a water and a latte macchiato instead of ice cream. I’m trying to get on a good eating regiment here!

Last night I met up with Katie at the Italian restaurant in the Blumenplatz. It was great to get to talk with her and share stories of our love of music and the arts! She is going to be a great supervisor! It looks like I will officially be the Middle School Drama director, High School/Middle School Choir director, and Middle School Handbells director. I’ve never done handbells, so it’s going to be interesting, but I’m honestly excited about doing something new like this. Bring it on, baby!

On the way home from dinner, we walked past the Tanzschule (dance school) and I saw they offered Zumba classes! I’m considering signing up for the month of September!

I ended up visiting with Jill and Emily and they graciously let me check my email and FB while I was over. It’s such a great community here. I cannot emphasize that enough! I have loved running into people on the Hauptstrasse, randomly ending up at people’s homes, and just the bond that is so present here.


  1. Your mentionings of the Eis Cafe reminds me of a story: When I was in Germany, I wanted a little treat and went in and order an "iced coffee." They gave me a funny look and proceeded to get some ice cream in a cup and poured coffee over it. I also gave a funny look - not was I was expected - but oh goodness! One of the best things I've ever had! :) Sometimes miscommunication works out well.

  2. hi allison, coffee at starbucks was so much fun and it really was like the good old days. i am looking forward to having many more coffees, and have already begun thinking about potential trip ideas.....


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