In a Week...

Monday, the Loops, Karen, Rachel and I went to the Eis Cafe and while they enjoyed some gelato, I enjoyed a latte macchiato

Tuesday, BFCF (Black Forest Christian Fellowship) had a cookout for all the newcomers in the area and I got to meet a few of my soon to be kiddos. Then, I headed over to Jill's and Emily's to watch a movie with a few other people (sadly, no pictures from this day).

Wednesday evening we went into Lörrach and I found some cheap housing items at a second hand store (i.e. a coffee maker for 7 euros!) (no pics from here either :( ).

Yesterday, we all went to IKEA and I found some bedding as well as some other stuff for my kitchen and living area.

Today for our German class, we went on a scavenger hunt around Kandern. Aren't we a good looking group?

after German was another success as a family who is leaving the area was selling some items from their home. I got a bookshelf, a toaster, and an ironing board for 5 euros each!

Tonight I am in Switzerland spending the night with the family I used to au pair for nearly 10 years ago. It's been such a relaxing evening and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I'm looking forward to getting back to Kandern and seeing Amy, who arrived today!


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