Down South

If you know me at all, you know that I love South Florida. This past weekend I was privileged to go and visit my sweet friends down there one last time. I stayed in Ft. Lauderdale w/Laura, Val, & Liz and then headed up to West Palm Beach to see Kaylee, Dannie, Jon, & Brian. I didn't get to see everyone because it was such a short visit, but I'm thankful I was given the time to do this before I left for Germany.

Laura and I celebrated her birthday salsa dancing with friends in Boca!

Kaylee and I met up with Dannie at Toojay's Deli in Palm Beach and then headed to The Breakers to see old co-workers/friends

My favorite spot at The Breakers, the Beach Lawn. 

Seeing Brian was so much fun as always! 


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