The Phone Call

I woke up this morning wondering if today would be the day. I knew what I had in and what I had coming in to my partnership fund, but I couldn't do anything until I had the official word from TeachBeyond. I've been visiting friends in South Florida all weekend and as much fun as I've been having, the thought still loomed "When?"

I got the phone call today that gave me that official word. August 7th I'll be flying to Germany! It still seems surreal. Literally, as soon as I heard the news, a rush of excitement flowed through me followed by a wave of exhaustion. I haven't slept well, especially in the last few weeks. I'm constantly wondering "When?" Tonight, I plan on sleeping like a baby.

I'm asking those of you reading to please continue praying and thinking of my friends who are still waiting on their final amount to come in so they can get the same phone call I received today.

8 days.


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