Worry, Death, and the Meaning of the Cross

Reading Erikson's Christian Theology yesterday for Sys 3, I came across this quote:

“The demythologized meaning of the cross is that each of us must put to death his or her strivings for self-gratification and for security obtained apart from God”

I've thought a lot about my "security" apart from God lately. Where does it lie most of the time? In my physical appearance/diet, in recent sporting events (NBA finals & the Euro Cup), and whether or not the funding in partnership will come in time for me to get a plane ticket. So I worry. I worry about if the size 12s will fit today or if I have to dig out the 14s from the bottom drawer. I worry that "my" Miami Heat won't win the Championship. I worry that I'll still be sitting here after August waiting for the rest of the funding to come in. So my security is certainly not where it should be and I'm not resting in who I should be resting in.

I found this picture the other day after a friend posted it on Facebook. I think it's the answer to what we are all seeking is most vivid here:


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